Friday, 22 February 2019

Earls Court Protest 27th February

London ACG supports this action:



W8 7NX

called by Save Earl's Court Campaign and Earl's Court Supporters Club
with support from RHN 

Join us to lobby Kensington councillors and planners to insist that the
22 acre Earls Court site provides genuinely affordable social rent
homes, community facilities for local people, and a replacement green,
multi-purpose venue. This is a huge site of previously public land which
has thousands of luxury flats planned, with not one social rent home
planned for the site. After Grenfell fire RBKC said they would listen to
local residents

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Come and help make our new RHN banner, or make one for your own group.
Open to housing campaigns and community groups/campaigns. Materials


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The Save Earl’s Court campaign is non-aligned and is not affiliated to any political party or movement. Our supporters include local residents, business owners, the Association of Event Organisers, the RMT Union and the wider London community.
Our campaign has had three aims;
To stop the demolition of the Earls Court Exhibition Centres; to stop the demolition of the Lillie Bridge Depot and to stop the demolition of the West Kensington and Gibbs Green estates.
The demolition of the Earls Court Exhibition Centres for luxury flats was approved by Boris Johnson and Eric Pickles. We lost an asset that was of vital importance to the capital's and our national economy. The Earls Court Exhibition Centres represented 30% of London’s and 16% of the UK’s vital exhibition space bringing in over £1.25bn per year. Their demolition has been an act of economic, social, environmental and cultural vandalism. Reduced footfall, steep increases in business rates and rents as well as uncertainty over the Earls Court Masterplan’s future has led to an economic downturn in the Earl’s Court area.
The site of the former exhibition centres is currently owned by a joint venture between Transport for London and Capital and Counties Properties Plc. Mayor Khan is chair of Transport for London.
We now campaign for “the world’s greenest venue” to be built so we have the replacement venue promised to local residents, showcasing green technologies such as solar panels, living walls and anaerobic digestion. This multi-purpose venue “green from the pips up™,” would be constructed where the excellent public transport links which serve the Earls Court and West Kensington Opportunity Area are easily accessible. Unlike the current Earls Court Masterplan, we envisage step free access to the site from Earl’s Court tube station.
We also campaign for low-rise, high-density, exemplary, green housing to be built on the site which straddles the boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea as well as Hammersmith and Fulham. During a housing crisis, it is unacceptable that this huge site is currently empty with no temporary housing available. It is shameful that not one council home is planned to be built on the empty 22-acres on the Kensington and Chelsea part of the site. We envisage green housing for all with a range of housing options – including council housing, homes for key workers, family-sized homes to homes for the elderly and the disabled - alongside provision of community space, social infrastructure and green space. Mayor Khan must call in the current Earls Court Masterplan to review it against the climate change emergency he declared in December 2018. Earl’s Court hosted two Olympic Games and there is no sign of the promised Olympic Legacy. Our venue would redress this. London can benefit from our world-class event organisers to ensure that a range of “meanwhile use” economic activity can continue on the site while the future of the Earls Court Masterplan is in doubt. We continue to campaign to save the West Kensington and Gibbs Green Estates and the Lillie Bridge Depot from demolition.

Save Earl’s Court Supporters Club

Saturday, 2 February 2019

London ACG public meeting on Feb 17th

Free movement of solidarity!
With all the furore over Brexit, it is becoming increasingly obvious that all politicians care about is that we keep consuming-whether it be in or out of the EU. No one seems interested in opening up borders to refugees, fighting climate change or ensuring that workers all over the world are free from exploitation. What matters is ‘free trade’. This is what capitalism is all about- getting us to work, often in horrendous conditions, so that products can continue to be produced, shipped around the world, and consumed. And the less we look at what goes into these products, the better. As long as we keep working and consuming, all will be well- at least for capital! Of course we need to consume to live, but what is produced, by whom and how, should be decided by workers and communities.
The London Anarchist Communist Group invites you to participate in a workshop organised by the London Mining Network. Take a critical look at where are most cherished products come from and consider how we can promote free movement of international solidarity.
Sunday February 17th from 2pm at May Day Rooms, 88 Fleet Street, London