Thursday, 22 November 2018

London ACG support actions

London ACG members attended the following pickets recently:
Mental Health Resistance Picket  to Protest Cuts and Coercion at Westminster Heath Keynote Seminar protesting this event which brought  together some of the people who have had a hand in preventing people receiving appropriate care and a secure income.
International Workers of Great Britain picket at Senate House -solidarity with outsourced  workers at University of London-  very noisy picket outside Senate House during University of London Chancellor Princess Anne's Foundation Day visit, calling for all workers to be directly employed by the university. The IWGB say using outside contractors to employ staff is discriminatory as outsourced workers including security, cleaning and catering staff are predominantly migrant and BME workers and are on far worse terms and conditions than other staff and subjected to harassment and bullying.

Monday, 12 November 2018

Rebel City No 9

The new issue of Rebel City is out. Rebel City is London's free anarchist paper. London Anarchist Communist Group are involved in the Rebel City collective, along with members of the Anarchist Federation, Haringey Solidarity Group and others. Latest issue has articles on  Sadiq Khan, Friend of the Property Developers,Haringey Labour Council, John Roan Resists, Don't Choke on the Coffee Mate! and much more. Free copies available from Freedom Bookshop, Housmans Bookshop, 56a Info Centre, LARC etc or on the street!