Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Introducing the Anarchist Communist Group

Introducing the Anarchist Communist Group
The Anarchist Communist Group was set up in February 2018.  Since then we have published two issues of our paper The Jackdaw, published two pamphlets and set up a comprehensive website (
The London group is involved in a number of activities:
·        organises discussion meetings
·        works with the Rebel City Collective to produce Rebel City
·        Does street distributions of both Rebel City and the ACG newssheet The Jackdaw
·        Runs a blog and a Facebook page
·        organised five antiuniversity events to introduce key class struggle anarchist ideas to a wider public, together with the Rebel City Collective
·        held a stall and presented two meetings at the Radical Bookfair (Land and Liberty and No War but the Class War with the Communist Workers Organisation)
·        supported workplace and solidarity pickets
·        have plans with the Rebel City Collective to introduce a wider range of people to anarchism by speaking to students in FE colleges and sixth forms
·        individuals participate in different campaigns including Land Justice and the Industrial Workers of the World/Angry Workers organising campaign in West London
Though we have much in common with other revolutionary anarchists, we believe that we have a distinct contribution to make to the building of a libertarian revolutionary working class movement. If you are interested in finding out more about the ACG, as well as the work of the Rebel City Collective, come to an informal meeting on June 21st at the May Day Rooms, 88 Fleet Street EC4 1DN at 7-9 pm. Refreshments provided.

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