We all are aware of the housing crisis with increasing homelessness, insecurity of tenure, the lack of social housing, and rents that take up much of people’s wages. Meanwhile, thousands of homes are empty or let out as airnbs. Capitalism has made a commodity out of our most essential needs- homes are property and the source of profit for a few. Corporations and individuals buy up property to make money by: letting it out at high rents, turning the property into a holiday rental, or letting it sit empty, waiting for the value of the land to go up. There are also many second homes which sit empty for most of the year, often in prime holiday destinations such as Cornwall and Wales. Most of the rich of the world have at least one home in London, visiting occasionally. This demand for investment properties and second homes for the well-off put property prices up. Local residents struggle to buy or rent something they can afford. 

In an anarchist communist society, all resources, including homes, would be held in common and distributed according to need. There would be no need to ‘own’ a home because there would be no insecurity; it would be yours for as long as you wanted it.

Join the growing movement to turn the empty properties of the speculators and the rich into homes for those in need.

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