Saturday, 7 April 2018

Mapuche Solidarity

London ACG are supporting the following event:

Our friends and comrades in the Enlace Mapuche Internacional(Mapuche International Link) are calling upon human rights organisations and those in solidarity with indigenous people, to help save the life of Machi Celestino Cordoba who has been on hunger strike since 13th January 2018.
"His medical report states that Celestino’s health has deteriorated irredeemably and he is in danger of death.
The spiritual leader has protested his innocence. There is no evidence that links him to the crime he is accused of. Indeed the very police force that incarcerated him is under investigation for manufacturing evidence.
Please join us outside the Chilean Embassy of London to demand that the Chilean government act quickly to save his life."
Free Machi Celestino!
Free all Mapuche political prisoners now!
Demo is Tues 10th April, at the chilean embassy London 4pm-5.30pm
Embassy of Chile in the United Kingdom
37-41 Old Queen Street, London, SW1H 9JA,

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