Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Demo at Senate House 25th January

The University of London continues to deny the outsourced workers that keep the institution running the terms and conditions afforded to their colleagues that are directly employed by the university. Outsourced workers suffer from far worse pensions, holiday entitlements, sickness entitlements, and maternity and paternity leave than in-house employees. 

For months these workers – among them cleaners, receptionists, security officers, porters and post room staff - have been demanding that the university make them direct employees, that it end zero hours contracts and that it implement pay rises. So far these demands have fallen on deaf ears. 

Join these workers on 25 January at 6pm as they protest outside The University of London's Senate House and demand that the university put an end to it's discriminatory employment practices. Security officers and receptionists will be on strike, with a picket line from 2pm.

That same day the University of London will be hosting the UK's largest postgraduate fair, where together with many other universities, it will be marketing the courses for which it charges thousands of pounds a year. While students pay thousands of pounds to attend these universities, many of the staff are systematically discriminated against. Meanwhile university Vice-chancellors and other top management keep on receiving inflation-busting pay rises.

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